Rififi in the City

Rififi in the City ★★½

The Year of Franco #6

Franco, that other major Jesus of note, hadn't quite yet gotten the crime bug out of his system and saw fit to serve up this sweaty, salsa-infused affair about a no-nonsense muckraking flatfoot looking to expose a senatorial candidate who, lo and behold, is a real shit in secret. No doubt a not even remotely veiled fable aimed at whatever trout was vying for office in the day.

This is the film, says Jess, that finally caught Welles' eye and won him the 2nd unit gig on Chimes at Midnight. Regardless, Jess' class ties are well-evidenced here by the many extravagant interiors on display.

Still mid-tier non-signature Uncle at this point, though certainly ticks all the boxes for the neckties, cigarettes and perspiration crowd. There's a terrific scene early on of a silhouetted punch-up in a hallway set to a sizzling rumba, if ya dig.

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