Fatal Attraction ★★★

Fatal Attraction basically owns its genre of adult infidelity thrillers. Director Adrian Lyne has made a career out of this subject matter. 25 years later, this film is still a thrill to watch although it reveals its age in many situations, namely the ability nowadays to screen harassing phone calls through caller id, the absence of which the film relies on to build tension. But it's still tense. It boils down to the battle of the sexes and the psychology we're all subject to in dealing with relationships. I don't need to regurgitate the plot, it's so well known: Guy has affair..regrets it. Mistress goes psycho and will not be denied. It's a simple setup that taps basic areas of our own psyche.
The terrific performances are what drive this simple plot, especially that of Glenn Close who had to find a way to be a scary homicidal maniac believably, because she also has to be someone Michael Douglas' character would want to sleep with. She plays both the attractive and the fatal side very well.
Although it descends into horror cliche near the end, 'Attraction' still withstands the test of time. An excellent exercise in form, all who enjoy adult thrillers should look no further.