Brave ★★★★½

Can Pixar do no wrong? Another rip-roaring, outstanding success from the guys that seemingly create these films in their sleep.

Following a more "normal" type of story than Pixar normally set out, Brave treads a very fine line in terms of balancing a fairy-tale story with a unique and surprising element, which in the end, works very well without dipping into absurdity, like a lot of Dreamworks' and other studio's films.

Don't be fooled by the reviews going into this, nor the trailers, as these set an idea in mind that Brave completely destroys about half way through, in typical Pixar style.

The animation is superb, bringing alive the scenic views of Scotland, of its coasts, highlands and pastures and the animation on the characters is the usual high standard, especially Merida's free-flowing hair.

One particular element I also very much loved is the fact that despite this fairy tale featuring a princess, she's like no other princess you know. Feisty, stubborn, fun, reckless... everything the typical 'damsel-in-distress' Disney princess isn't and this makes it a very healthy film for kids to watch, to not expect a knight in shining armour to come rescue them just for looking pretty.

Overall, a great film for the entire family to watch and a great film for your little girl to home from and ask for their own little bow ;)