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It only took me a couple of weeks after watching this to finally get a review out. The only problem with this movie was the same glaring problem of Justice League, the villains are CGI and it's not the best. Unlike Justice League, this movie doesn't hinge on the villains or how good they look. It hinges on the drama of the main characters and the comedy that they find through different combinations. There is much more of a low sense of dread through the score and the pacing rather than the look of the villains or the tough talk they give. This is a fantastic spectacle that finally brings stakes to the MCU and we finally see the bad guy win in one of these movies and the deaths of heroes.

I think movie theaters should have handed out family trees of the Infinity Stones, what they are and what movies we've seen them in before, and a reference guide for the characters. The movie does do a good job at introducing characters together and giving very quick explainers on the stones. This is one of the best superhero movies ever, although I don't think it goes down at the absolute best, especially after a great 2017 for Marvel.

For a WHOOOOOLE lot more, check out my expanded review including a break down of the stones and what they do and movies they show up in, who survived, died and went MIA, a breakdown of Thanos's history, fan theories and more.

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