Cars 3

Cars 3 ★★★

My soon-to-be three year old has been watching a whole lot of Cars 2 recently and I finally coaxed him into watching Cars 3. The second installment leaves radiator springs and many of the main characters behind to really stretch the boundaries of reality in the Cars-verse. It doesn't work. Cars 3 goes back to the Piston Cup and many of the characters from the first installment, however with less Mater. My son wasn't thrilled with less Mater, but it was refreshing fore. The overall quality of the animation here is leaps and bounds better, the story is touching. I could see a Cars 4 being the natural progression from snake oil for cars, to an oil company to clean energy as the sponsor. I also want to leave it out there that I have speculated that Cars 4 would be a gritty western where Cruz Ramirez and Sally Carrera learn they have both been having relationships with McQueen after his brutal murder and learn to come together to seek bloody revenge. Oily revenge.

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