Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb ★★★★★

Damn, I love movies. I feel like I've been thinking that a lot lately, just before seeing this I said the same thing at the new Mission: Impossible movie. I guess I have a broad range of the movies that I love and I promise it's not all dude movies... I kind of get into how Dr. Strangelove is either a dude movie or a movie about how dudes will ruin everything when I get further into detail.

Comedies tend to not hold up very well over time as they get one upped by timeliness, but Dr. Strangelove maintains the laughs after 54 years. Honestly, I am held in comedic suspense most of the movie waiting for "Col. Bat Guano" to hit the screen. If that is his real name.

I really love that Stanley Kubrick had a couple of eras in his career and I love the fatalist black and white movies from his early years that differ from the supernatural crisply colored films from the later 2/3 or so of his career.

Added to my Movie of the Month List.

For a whole lot more analysis see my longer post. I keep it short on here not to scare off those that follow me, which I understand. I do supplement it with pictures, though.

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