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This review may contain spoilers.

Claire Foy never goes to space and only goes into a NASA building once yet she is the big star of this space movie. That’s not to say that Ryan Gosling is boring or one-dimensional as the whole movie has the weight of his daughter on him in quite subtle ways even when there are not so subtle images or dialogue concerning her as well. For once it isn’t the female space protagonist who is dealing with loss, it’s Neil Armstrong.

I could have gone lower than five-stars on this but the sound design and special effects that place the viewer into the space program make this an unparalleled experience. The camera shakes a ton which is not optimal, however this is one of the most successful movies to use first person perspective. I love the story and the effects bring more than just realism but an experience as though the audience is in the space capsule in Armstrong’s place.

This is a movie I need to see again.

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