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This review may contain spoilers.

Aside from the style of writing dialogue that even comes through in adaptations, this bottle episode of Stephen King work plays with some of the themes of his other works. There are troubled relationships between children and parents, marriages doomed for ugly ends and supernatural(ish) characters. The prowling villain of Gerald's Game turns out to be natural evil and this fact comes to us in a King-dump in the last ten minutes.

I'm going to coin that, "King-dump." It's not meant to disparage the writing tactic, it's great when it works and King makes it work more than it would for lesser writers. I first noticed it while reading Blockade Billy, another story that has the feel of a supernatural evil living within a baseball player. During the King-dump we learn he is an escaped murderer who hid razor blades in his catching gear. I'm sure someone like Netflix could turn that story into a nice baseball/period piece/horror movie.

Gerald's Game is very thoughtful in the ways that it plays on fears. Sexual fears, the fear of having inner most sexual secrets revealed whether it's incest or kinky play, and the feeling of being stuck in a situation that could escalate from embarrassing to deadly with just a little bad luck. This movie is great for showing the therapeutic power of not holding in childhood dramas or sexual embarrassment in order to break from various literal and figurative bonds.

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