Kong: Skull Island

Kong: Skull Island ★★★★

This movie has a huge problem with exposition dialogue. It's pretty terrible at times and the actors do everything but look right into the camera and say "here comes the exposition". It's almost certainly the result of reshoots after testing must have showed viewers being confused because the comedic dialogue is great and the story is fantastic too. Although, it's pretty cringe-worthy to hear scientist characters talking about hollow earth theory. Yes, it is a good explanation for where large monsters would come from in a fictional universe, but it gives lip service to a conspiracy theory that still hasn't died.

The ensemble cast is great, the visuals are amazing, the action scenes are incredibly creative, and I don't think I have seen a fantasy/monster movie stylized in such a cool way. This would be damn near a 5-star movie if the exposition wasn't so clunky. This could have easily been a 2-star movie and this movie fought its way into being a fun time. I saw this in 3D and it may have added some clarity to the effects in a good way.

I am reminded of the commentary for Godzilla King of Monsters that told the story of Movie Doctors that would come in and recut a movie to save it from being a clunker. Either this movie was messed with too much in testing and commanded to have more exposition or could have used a doctor to come in to show the backstories rather than telling them.

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