Parasite ★★★★★

You can’t have a Host without a Parasite. I tried really hard to come in to this movie cold and based on the name alone I figured it would be one of the Bong science fiction movies like The Host, Okja or Snowpiecer. I didn’t realize it would be one of his straight thrillers like Mother or Memories of a Murder until I was walking up to the ticket counter and heard an old man with his grandson giving him the synopsis of the movie. With a little fast walking past them I was able to avoid everything but “it’s about two families, one rich, one poor and something happens to change everything...” this was one of those movies where I avoided a bathroom break, crossed my legs and gripped the armrests so that I could see what happened next. It certainly doesn’t afford for a bathroom run with one of the longest continuous scenes of suspense I have ever seen that leads to two more successive scenes that only ramp up the intensity on the family. This is a movie that builds the world of the house so perfectly then expands the world to add two more “downstairs-es” to the “upstairs” of the architect’s house.

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