Ran ★★★★½

I am only knocking off the half a star because I had to start and stop this a couple of times due to length and had some trouble picking up the characters of the sons. I was hesitant before seeing this film because some of the great directors from the '40's and '50's that excelled with black and white had a lot of trouble with color (or being able to get decent transfers of their films). Hitchcock was hit and miss with his use of color, Fellini's use of color was unwatchable at times, and John Ford seemed a little washed out.

Kurasawa's use of color here is stunning. The three sons are designated in the first scenes of the movie by the different colors they were, the battle scenes are especially dynamic due to the colored flags of the soldiers in motion and the destruction of war is painted across the screen as though directed by Tarantino with bright red blood.

I don't know if I've seen battle scenes with so many horses, so much movement on screen of thousands of extras, wide horizons, and a gargantuan castle that is set ablaze on the side of Mount Fuji. This film is seemingly set on the face of the moon and ends in destruction after a family is torn apart, followed by armies decimated and the aforementioned castle that is set ablaze. It's quite an epic and is certainly not a movie to be placed among the films of the 1980's but of great epic films of all time.

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