Spielberg ★★★½

Quite interesting look into film history of the last 40+ years, it's nice that the documentary lingers on a few of the biggest films as well as some of the more important films to his career like Munich. It is good to point out some of the down movies in Spielberg's career like 1941 and the sci-if movies of the early 2000's that felt out of place in theaters at the time and many of those did not age very well. It's great to get a sense of the behind the scenes of the great movies as well as the early years and the family dynamics in his life that were so influential to the themes in his movies. It would be interesting if to see a full documentary just on his 1970's friendship with other great directors in California. I really enjoyed that and would like to see it expanded upon. It's a shame his relationship with Stanley Kubrick was not in this movie at all, it would be great to hear about Stanley faxing him all through the night.


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