The Big Sick

The Big Sick ★★★★★

This was so enjoyable. The actors playing all of the parents added so much character and joy to the movie. I was having some happy flashbacks to listening to Kumail Nanjiani on The Indoor Kids and X-Files Files podcasts, as well as a great standup set my wife and I saw him do with Thomas Middleditch in Phoenix a few years back. Emily V. Gordon is not physically on screen but her presence is very much in the movie through her writing and her story even as someone else did the acting (and rather well).

This might have had the biggest laugh I have ever witnessed in a theater from a movie, you couldn't hear any lines for five seconds after the joke. This year certainly feels like it's panning out to be a much better year for movies than last year at this point and this one is one of the front runners.

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