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  • Adults in the Room

    Adults in the Room


    From the start, adapting Adults in the Room was a bad idea. Varoufakis isn't a writer nor a great political mind - the value of his book (which, don't get me wrong, is extremely interesting if you're interested in that kind of thing) resides in its factual and detailed account of all the events it covers, with all their bureaucracy and technicality.
    Costa-Gavras takes that way and streamlines the narrative so that the final result is a ridiculous and politically…

  • The Candidate

    The Candidate


    A film plagued by naive leftist idealism, so disconnected from the reality with which it's dealing that it almost falls into its own type of populism. If you had contact with municipal campaigns of actual leftist forces you'll quickly realize this has no potential, as it's much more focused on its cheeky experiment than actual politics. Neverthless, some moments are very interesting, particularly those where Papot's campaign serve more as an excuse to create a document of that village, apart from what the film's gimmick proposes.

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  • Butterfly



    The film seemed nice and all, but I couldn't really appreciate it because some assholes kept walking in front of the screen during the screening.

  • Resident Evil: Afterlife

    Resident Evil: Afterlife


    The saga continues its depiction of the death of art in a world dominated by corporations. We see the Hollywood sign destroyed, most of the survivors are somehow connected to the movie industry and the one that isn't (Luther, the baseball player who makes watch commercials) is still recognised, showing how even in a world where real art is being destroyed people still care about celebrities. Art vanishes but celebrities don't die - "Starpower, bitch!". There is also Paul W.…