• Jackass Number Two

    Jackass Number Two


    Steve-O puts a leech on his eyeball...

  • Saekano the Movie: Finale

    Saekano the Movie: Finale


    This was disappointing as someone who loves the first two seasons of the show. This was really slow and boring. I still love the characters, but the tone was very somber which doesn't fit well with how the show was and the way these characters are when they're at their best.

  • Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood

    Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood


    This was one of the best theater experiences I've ever had when I watched it a year ago. It wasn't as special this time at home, but still an incredible movie with great characters and dialogue.
    I want Tarantino to make movies forever.

  • Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey

    Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey


    I miss Carlin

  • Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure

    Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure



  • Mother



    It's not a fun feeling to watch something from one of your favorite directors, and end up disliking it. I did not enjoy this movie. Bong Joon-ho's mix of drama and comedy has never worked for me until Parasite. This movie has a great lead performance, but I didn't like the characters, the story was slow and boring and there's a twist of sorts, but it wasn't clever and it just made me kind of angry.
    Only one more movie of Bong Joon'ho left.

  • Searching



    Did not expect this movie to be nearly as good as it was. I didn't think the whole thing with the view of the laptop would work, and that it would get boring with a guy trying to figure out what happened to his daughter by going on the internet and looking at photos. It never got boring. I was super invested and laser focused on the movie. John Cho is fantastic in this movie. He's a great actor, but…

  • Team America: World Police

    Team America: World Police


    "We're dicks! We're reckless, arrogant, stupid dicks. And the Film Actors Guild are pussies. And Kim Jong-il is an asshole. Pussies don't like dicks, because pussies get fucked by dicks. But dicks also fuck assholes - assholes who just want to shit on everything. Pussies may think they can deal with assholes their way, but the only thing that can fuck an asshole is a dick, with some balls. The problem with dicks is that sometimes they fuck too much,…

  • Cobain: Montage of Heck

    Cobain: Montage of Heck


    An okay documentary about Cobain. It was cool to get more insight into what his mind was like. He clearly dealt with a lot of pain and frustration. Still feels like a lot about his career was left out. Courtney probably doesn't want that information out there, and the crew who made this doc most likely had a limited amount of footage provided. It was interesting to read his notes and journal.
    Kurt Cobain will always be my favorite musician, and now to have more insight into him as a person, will add to his music and what he wanted to convey in it

  • Weathering with You

    Weathering with You


    Makoto Shinkai Cinematic Universe. Who needs Marvel, DC or Star Wars when you have Shinkai.

    Fantastic movie. The visuals are breathtaking as usual. It feels similar to the structure and beats of Your Name. I hope that his next movie will be different, and perhaps even be closer to something like Children Who Chase Lost Voices.
    The characters were enjoyable, and the movie was entertaining for the entire runtime. RADWIMPS made another great soundtrack. Would love it if they continued…

  • Code Geass: Lelouch of the Re;Surrection

    Code Geass: Lelouch of the Re;Surrection


    I have now finished the Code Geass franchise. As a movie set in an alternative universe, it's pretty solid. I still love the ending to the show so much, so I'm not in need of more Code Geass. I'm curious to see what they'll do with this and read that they have plans for Code Geass projects for the next 10 years. Who knows if that'll be a show with two seasons like the anime, or a trilogy of movies.…

  • Bumblebee



    Charming, cute and fun. I have no love for the Transformers franchise. They've all made my head hurt from the editing, dialogue and constant noice and screaming. Bumblebee is very much of reboot of this franchise, and I hope that it showed that Travis Knight should be behind this universe, rather than Michael Bay. Or just make stand-alone movies with Transformers, or none at all.
    However they do it, hopefully it's something like this rather than The Last Knight.