Blade Runner 2049 ★★★★½


Denis Villeneuve takes up the baton from Ridley Scott for the sequel of a Sci-fi classic 'Blade Runner' and boy does he deliver!!
We seamlessly get transported to the world of Officer K who is a new improved version of Replicants made to serve to humans and hunt down the older models alive around the world. K played by Ryan Gosling goes on a journey of self discovery as he starts finding clues from his past that could change the world order.
The futuristic world created by Villeneuve and Deakins is breathtakingly beautiful with some amazing use of colors and lights. It's really hard not to pause the movie at times to admire the brilliance as some shots are no less than looking at a exquisite piece of art. The chemistry between Gosling and Ana de Armas comes out naturally and makes all their scenes together quite special.
Maybe after Aliens, this could be the best sequel out there. It certainly goes into my top 10 Sci-fi movies of all time for sure.