Planes, Trains and Automobiles

I've finally come full circle on this childhood canon movie. For a while there I just didn't care much for Steve Martin anymore, but a recent rediscovery of his filmography has left me with a newfound appreciation for the guy. Saying he's kind of intolerant/able in this is both true, but a. requires an extra effort in empathy from us, and b. it's an essential part of the movie. He's someone who's taken for granted the fact he has a place to go home to for the holidays, and it's through his confrontation with someone who doesn't, and the hardships the movie throws at him, that his character ultimately finds redemption. There's nothing more in the spirit of the holidays than the concept of travel, going to that extra effort to seek out family that has gone their own ways. So yeah, this may not be a Christmas movie, but it 100% captures the right spirit. It's a great journey, too. Filled with an almost cartoonish amount AND level of adversity, from neon-lit highway diners to raiding the mini-bar at a snowed in motel. Del Griffith, yer breakin' my heart ya big galoot.

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