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  • The Vault

    The Vault


    Disappointing. Tries to be way wittier than it is, and it falls flat on its face. Not worth the time, despites its unique and interesting premise. Also, the bank procedures are as unrealistic as possible, which bothered me.

  • Cold Prey II

    Cold Prey II


    For The Cinefessions Podcast.

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  • American Psycho

    American Psycho


    I have to admit that I was never a big fan of American Psycho until today. I have seen it before and couldn't understand what all the hype was about. Today I realize my large mistake. American Psycho is one of the funniest, most fucked up satires I have ever seen.

    Christian Bale is absolutely stunning as the sociopath Patrick Bateman. The difference in his speech from wooden, rehearsed nonsense to passionate violence is something to behold. Without Bale, this…

  • Videodrome



    David Cronenberg is undoubtedly an intelligent filmmaker. He makes smart horror films that require the viewer's full attention, all while adding in some of the most incredible gore effects you'll ever see. If I told you that I understood Videodrome completely, I'd be lying. Even though it is a bit dense, and the overall message of the movie isn't easy to pin down, I do know that I enjoyed the hell out of it.

    James Woods plays Max Renn, a…