Seven Samurai

Seven Samurai ★★★★★

I will keep this short as there are thousands more reviewers a thousand times more learned and eloquent than me, but;
Wow, wow, wow.

Around the time the samurai are ridiculing Kukuchiyo's family tree, I noticed that my stomach was fluttering. I realized that this was due to the fact that Seven Samurai exists, and, more importantly, that it lives up the ludicrous (or so I previously thought) volume of praise heaped upon it. The movie was so excitingly 'as promised' that my body reacted physically. The remaining 2.5 hours flew by much too quickly. Direction, acting, plot - I cannot find a single aspect I dislike. It all works, works so well, and utterly absorbs you for the entire run time. Damn that ending, though. Damn it to hell.

Akira Kurosawa, you have defeated my inner cynic and contrarian.

EDIT: I might as well be shutting the gates after the bandits have already entered the village, but, to crib a request from the much wiser and humbler Cinebro, before liking this 'review', I'd ask you to search out other, more substantial, and more learned reviews to like instead even if you did feel as thrilled as me by the picture. Leon's, Jacob's, Simone's, and Jab Thenko's all share the same enthusiasm and actually have important things about the film to say, and there are at least a hundred more out there as well. If you've already signaled your approval of mine, then I am honestly honored and humbled to have made an impact in your Letterboxd experience, however small or slight it might have been.

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