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  • The Tale of Despereaux

    The Tale of Despereaux


    It's okay for a random Saturday afternoon with the kids, but everything's all over the map. Has some fun odd moments, but it's not something you have to see.

  • Hitchcock/Truffaut



    This film made me want to go back and re-watch a lot of Hitchcock (and some Truffaut) and finally catch work from both that I've missed so far. I would have enjoyed learning more about their conversations and the book. It's more of a framework to dive into Hitchcock's career.

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  • Collateral



    After watching Blackhat so recently, I was amazed to remember that Mann did even more impressive visual work here. L.A. is gorgeous in this film, and Mann gets amazing mileage out of just shooting Foxx and Cruise in a car. I also forgot about brief cameos from Jason Statham and Javier Bardem, who owns the screen as the man behind the curtain.

  • Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

    Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice


    It has quite a spectacle, and I can see a decent movie lurking somewhere in all the mess. Despite a bunch of good actors in the mix, I just didn't care about what happened. It also moves way too fast. It's okay to stop and let us breathe here and there. The weight of trying to do the "Batman vs. Superman" story, Luthor, Wonder Woman, the start of the Justice League, future enemies, and Doomsday is just too much for any movie to handle. The problem isn't that this movie is dark; it just doesn't have much of a soul.