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  • Made of Air
  • Birth
  • Voices Through Time
  • Exotica

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  • Romancing in Thin Air


  • Lone Star


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  • Killer of Sheep

    Killer of Sheep


    A house with no base seems to hover above the trampled dirt, rusty wrenches, and scrap metal surrounding it. Dog mask to hide the teardrops. See a man; shake a hand. Minding the gaps and clearing them. Contriving a crooked smile. Holy motor, blocks busted; no use now. Shirtless and slow dancing, she feels my skin, rough as a ram horn; her fingers are a crisp sip of cool water in the dregs of August. Lives like dried dust of this bitter earth, that is, forgotten, stowed away like sheep to the slaughter.

  • The Spook Who Sat by the Door

    The Spook Who Sat by the Door


    Radical comes from the Latin radicula or “little root.” Given the often negative connotation of the word, many have been led to believe that social or political radicals are evil or immoral people. This is, of course, not necessarily the case.

    When a system is deliberately corrupt, rancid down to its foundation, it’s not only imperative but urgent to become, in thought, words, and actions, radical. And what’s the best way to do this? Get in below the ground floor, the lowest…

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  • Romancing in Thin Air

    Romancing in Thin Air


    For P

    It felt like forever. So long I wandered aimlessly around the forest, shivering among its thickets, cuts and bruises forming, lost with the spins in a fit of confusion as to which way to go, where to turn next, for the sharp chill of the darkness left me cold to the world and I wondered how I would ever find my way to the open end of the timberline. Then all of a sudden, you appeared as if…

  • Lone Star

    Lone Star


    The Great American Movie

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  • The Piano Teacher

    The Piano Teacher


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    There is one moment in particular that I believe contains the key to understanding Erika.

    It comes when she is talking with the mother of the girl who’s hand was brutally sabotaged and who can no longer play in the concert (or in any venue for a long while) forthcoming, thereby in effect ruining or otherwise severely hampering her young, promising career before it even had the chance to take off as it seemed so certainly poised to do.


  • Stalker



    Fulfillment found not in attainment or artistic or professional epiphany but in a sense of interior stillness, quiet rapture, private realization—the profundities you cannot share, and experience where no one can find. Sunshine and rain, love and disdain, hope and depression, joy and pain. Infinities and multitudes. The path is long, hard to wrap your arms around, and at the end there is nothing. Meaning is not out there; it is inside. Listen for the secrets screaming in the silence.