Vertigo ★★★★½

2000th Film Logged on Letterboxd

It’s kinda crazy to think I’ve watched 2000 films in my life (in reality, I have probably seen more, but that is the number I have logged on LB), yet it appears I have reached that milestone. When I saw that it was coming up, I wondered which film I should see as my 2000th, and I figured it would only be fitting to make it something that I have been meaning to see, but hadn’t yet, and I decided that film would be Vertigo.

Nearly everything there is to be said regarding Hitchcock’s definitive masterpiece has already been said, so I won’t bore you with any kind of analysis or deconstruction, for this would just be redundant. I will only say that this film is an incredibly rich work that needs to be seen more than once to fully take in, I think (so I wouldn’t think I’m qualified to provide an analysis in the first place). It deals with so many interesting concepts like identity, desire, lust, generational trauma, supernatural phenomenon and mental illness just to name a few. It also has, in my opinion, the finest costume design ever, with such fantastic attention to detail; I love how Stewart’s ties often times match his pale blue eyes. It’s safe to say Vertigo did not disappoint as my 2000th film watched.

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