Cinema Paradiso

Cinema Paradiso ★★★★½

Everything about this film is near enough flawless, the acting, the music, the set designs. I've wanted to see this film for the longest time and that day finally come. Cinema Paradiso is about a young boy named Salvatore(Toto) who spends every free moment at his local movie house after discovering his love for film, he builds an unlikely friendship with Alfredo the projectionist who at first is hesitant to befriend Toto, however in time, let's him sit in the booth and teaches Toto how to use the equipment. The film then shows Toto growing up and exploring his love for cinema, the story was executed perfectly and had a very poignant ending which is very emotional.

As much as I loved this film, I'm just not sure if I'd watch it that regularly and that is an important factor in my ratings of film, it's not a negative aspect of the film, just my personal view. I would do yourself a favour and go an watch this masterpiece, do not leave it as long as I did. You won't be disappointed.

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