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  • Oldboy



    How? How do you make one of the best action scenes of all time, one of the greatest performances of all time, one of the most absolutely shocking twists of all time, and just stick'em together inside one incredible film? It earns it's status as a classic, for sure.
    I don't think i will ever be able to watch it without feeling terrible after. Every scene takes a strong specific emotion and pushes is as far as it can, we feel it all, even we REALLY don't want to feel any of it

  • Sing Street

    Sing Street


    Sometimes the best film is the kind of naive love letter to 80s music. John Carney puts to film the first spark of his love of both film and music in this heartwarming and incredibly entertaining story.
    The improvised way Carney writes his films and their songs never worked better than in sing street. Mostly because if a film revolving around an amateur band would have been overwritten and very professional it would have taken much of the charm away.…

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  • Jojo Rabbit

    Jojo Rabbit


    Waititi: wanna laugh?
    Me: of course!
    Waititi: wanna feel?
    Me: sure.
    Waititi: wanna cry?
    Me: what?
    Waititi: wanna do em all at once for two hours straight?
    Me: you had me at "comedy about the Hitler-youth"
    Taika truly outdid himself with this sweet little comedy about the hardest subject to make fun of.
    The one thing which might take you out of the film is the quick turns from comedy to drama and sometimes thriller. For me it was Expertly…

  • Tarzan



    Of course I'm biased, this was my favorite film as a kid. But still, show me another Disney film with this much raw emotion and I will take it off the thrown as my favorite Disney flick.

    First off, the animation. Every location is so damn beautiful it's mind blowing. The action scenes move like water while the quiet moments are sweet and tender without being cheesy.

    The characters are outstanding as well. Hands down best animated romantic interest ever,…