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  • Distant



    When do you think I chose this,

    I was happy sometime in a past that's uzak,

    Why does reading in between the lines language become uzak,

    The sight of the snow left me to go on staring at it lonely in a place so uzak,

    And long since the snow has gone that I wonder if it's ever been real,

    Tell me what would you see from the viewpoint of a mouse,

    Could you then see uzak everywhere,

    Or do…

  • The Motorcycle Diaries

    The Motorcycle Diaries


    How can a civilisation that built this... be destroyed to built... this?

    The motorcycle diaries was a movie experience hard to describe but will always be special for me,it is a film which rode on a camera across the Latin America or the real America as it is seprated from the north by the ocean in between, separated just like in the film and it takes a human an immense amount strength to swim through the tough waters to get…

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  • Arising from the Surface

    Arising from the Surface


    Who am I?What am I?Why am I?

    The film goes into the deeper query of the subconscious on itself from the start and then descends further into the chaos of the everyday life around the characters which are all the manifestations of the poet's mind and his fantasies describing the anguish inside his mind. Mani Kaul gives the audience a clear and beautiful insight into the thoughts through surreal imagery and brilliant narratives and challenges us to think about everything,and…

  • Taste of Cherry

    Taste of Cherry


    I really loved this film it showed the struggle with questioning our existence very beautifully and tackled the issue whether or not suicide is an option is a serious problem on which I have thought about as an important fundamental question in life, however I found the ending quite absurd.

    - Albert Camus