Director Week Project

Every day of the week I will watch a film from a certain critically acclaimed director. These are directors that I have yet to discover, or simply want to watch more of. Any movie that I have not watched before is eligible.

WEEK 1: Ernst Lubitsch
WEEK 2: Robert Altman
WEEK 3: John Waters
WEEK 4: Jean-Luc Godard
WEEK 5: Wong Kar-wai
WEEK 6: Michael Mann
WEEK 7: Wim Wenders
WEEK 8: Pedro Almodóvar
WEEK 9: Ingmar Bergman
WEEK 10: Ingmar Bergman PART II: The Revenge
WEEK 11: Shunji Iwai
WEEK 12: Peter Weir
WEEK 13: Robert Bresson