Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest ★★★★★

“Why is rum always gone?!” - Capt. J. Sparrow 

My favorite of the pirates movies with the best sword fight of the franchise (you know which one)!

 Overall everything that worked from the first one, the characters, the locations, the mythology... all come back and are doubled down. I appreciate how it’s an organic expansion of the universe we were introduced to in the first. It believably continues the stories and arcs of our main characters and expertly reprises the running gags previously established. It’s a joy to watch these actors as these characters in this universe. I really miss Geoffrey Rush for most of it though. The new characters like Davey Jones and Tia Dalma are amazing and so memorable they might as well have been there from the beginning. 

The production and character design are the real stars of the movie though. Davey Jones and his underwater decay chic is incredibly creative, detailed, and meshed perfectly with the pirate universe. The Flying Dutchman is a monstrosity of a ship exactly like what I’d imagine from scary stories on the high seas. 

Lastly, I don’t think the diversity of these pirates casts is appreciated enough. The ship crews and the inhabitants of the ports (except for the English) are consistently presented as being from multiethnic and global backgrounds as well as from all capability levels. Could do with more capable women though. 

PS: is there a communist interpretation of this that comments on how the advent of capitalism also brings about the death of romanticism, adventure, and liberty in a personal sense? I think so.