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  • Paranormal Activity 3

    Paranormal Activity 3


    After enjoying the first Paranormal Activity and finding the sequel to be not half bad, if maybe a bit redundant, I was interested to see where they’d take things on a third outing. The results ended up being somewhat of a mixed bag. My first complaint would be the upping the number of false scares. I always have and always will hate the fake scare, even if it does get me to jump I immediately feel cheated and want my…

  • Convoy


    Definitely not one of Peckinpah’s best. This late 70’s trucker film only has a few qualities that might make it worth watching, one of which is watching the recently deceased, Ernest Borgnine, play a racist, crooked cop. Most of the other acting is pretty stiff. The pacing is rather slow. Ali McGraw chose a pretty lackluster return to film after a six-year hiatus and sports a god awful hairdo. Kris Kristofferson as the hero, “Rubber Duck”, is passable in the…