Before Sunset

Before Sunset ★★★★★

To leave, and to come back, for the feeling that flourished until it simmered and could flourish again. The stream is calm until the brimming waters shake in reunion with an old friend, or an old purpose. True and nostalgic, Vienna's breeze was a past emotion, coming from deep in the soul and flowing by with the tinged skies and persistent aching that never left. For only 80 minutes, this movie feels like an eternity of longing and thinly hidden desire, but really, that's just how time is. It's quick until it isn't, feeling as forever until it turns fleeting. We're all gonna miss something, but the reality is that we're always missing something, missing time, missing memory, missing people, which is why we need to be present for when it's within our reach. Before the next day, and before the day becomes the decade.

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