Happy Together

Happy Together ★★★★½

Happy together, maybe, but it would seem happier further apart. Bitter plus one, divided by irritation between every action made and accentuated by a glow that feels both cold and warm at once, like angered stares and passive-aggression in a cyclical pattern. Two halves that are too jagged, too incompatible to fit but try to anyway. Sights of a sense of being alone, a sense of being alone that lingers around, summarized perfectly in the vision of a balcony door open and the sun blazing through, nothing and no one but the wind breezing in to touch the scenery that only witnessed pain and heartbreak. You can't love what you can't cooperate with. It only ever ends with more of the same.
Figured this would be as good a movie as any to watch on the end of pride month because I'm very sad it's coming to an end. This is the month where I not only finally decided who I really am, but explored that. I legit wore makeup for the first time in my life this month, and I can attribute that to all the other beautiful trans girls and boys out there and everyone in the LGBTQ+ party for being so inspiring and helping me to come out freely and feel supported and loved. I'm sad this pride month is ending, but I'll cherish all it's yielded for me. 💝💔

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