Hereditary ★★★★½

Sounds. Glorious, emanating from the beyond. Croaking, droning, choking, moaning, screeching. Vibrating off of the screen like a symphony that only Hell could conjure. Evil slithering from every edge of the frame, enveloping its subjects, consuming them, devouring them, and destroying them. Such brilliant, beautiful blood, untouched by caution; no mercy, no sympathy, only hate, only tragedy. Interconnected, like a pristine pentagram, with our bodies in the center. It's horrifying, and disgusting, and addicted to torture, but don't deny its overwhelming power: it may reduce us all to quivering corpses, but it creates such a tempting euphoria to just lay there, in amazement, and hail the diabolical secrets we breed.

It wants us to corrode. To smolder. Blister. Suffer. To bask in the putrid fog of unholy eradication. Just as we should. A

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