Hereditary ★★★★½

returned to this in anticipation of Midsommar which i am most likely seeing with my entire family! still love this but i do just have one complaint to make that's not about the movie, and i'm aware that ari aster took a lot of influence from dramas for this movie and considers Hereditary partly a drama: every single time we have that one horror movie that becomes the next big thing, why must we always insist on trying to say it's everything except a horror movie?

not mad, just genuinely confused as to why people always have to say "well actually, it's a drama with thriller influences" or "actually, it's just a thriller." yeah, some directors make horror movies with other genre influences and characteristics, but why can't we just be content with acknowledging that a good horror movie is a good horror movie? why can't we just be fine with the fact that it creeped us out or scared us, or (like a lot of horror movies) made us think? why do we always have to throw eight-hundred other genre classifications on it and (in my opinion) make it something that it's not? just a thought.

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