Mulholland Drive

Mulholland Drive ★★★

watched it again today, and still felt nothing. everything felt less unpredictable, just messy. less deliberately confusing, just poorly written. less riveting, just lukewarm, yet it was also somehow less irritating and just a tad bit less unfulfilling. at most, it was easier to appreciate the aim of all the dream-horror monstrosity, but it still all fell short in the end. it wasn’t a mystery for me. in fact, it was all too often just a chore. those off-kilter and sort of disturbingly blasé performances and some of the genuinely haunting visual work deserved much more than such a grand-plotted, minutely-effective bore.

still confident that Lynch’s whole career is just some uneven dumpster fire that 48-year old white men weren’t sure how to react to at first and finally said “We’ll just roll with it.”

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