Parasite ★★★★

Fevered class. The rich and the dreary, clear and front. Warm grazings of light and deceit, an establishment of clean. Pretty much everything I’d expect from a Bong hit. A mix of genre influence, a heavy thematic energy, and overwhelming charm and poetic visage, but unfortunately this was a movie where the hype was so immense and extreme that I only came out disappointed that I didn’t really see what anyone else is seeing. To me, it’s just a good movie from a great director. There’s nothing exactly remarkable or life-changing about it. It’s such a beautifully shot and expertly written movie, tight and perfectly orchestrated by a man who’s a master of his craft. It’s just, sadly, Bong’s made much better movies. Am I glad that this is so loved by so many people? Yes. But do I also wish y’all had this same energy when Mother and The Host came out? Also yes.

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