The Batman

The Batman ★★★★½

"It's gonna kill you eventually."

Ever since I was a little kid, I always wanted to see Batman in the way I envisioned him. I grew up on Batman comics and cartoons. I wrote Batman stories. I loved the darkness of it all, the little capsule of humanity's worst that we were beckoned to abhor in Gotham and, in a sick way, admire in our own hero. That darkness was always done but never understood. Burton was theatrical. Nolan was sterile. Reeves is tortured. For much of this experience, I found myself in disbelief that a grim enough soul came along to make a true Batman, as he is and always was, finally happen. An exploration of vengeance, Bruce, and the legend of his pursuit of violence, his one coping mechanism. Deeply scourged, gothic, and mythological. We finally have a front-row seat to Gotham's true Unholy Spirit. Nihilism & Hope, arm against arm. As it was written.

The best Batman movie.

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