The Last Black Man in San Francisco

The Last Black Man in San Francisco ★★★★

hello!! this may be sudden or out of place, but i have been wanting to make a statement on it because i want to show my support, so i’ll just say it here:

black lives matter! black lives are important, and the abuse of them from the system is disgusting, and will never end until we work to reform it!

so please, donate to the minnesota freedom fund if you can!

call and text to the government officials to make your voice heard and stress that action must be taken!

and please, please, please, remember the numbers to call!! not just the ones to voice your stance, but also the ones that you’ll need if you’re endangered or even put in prison for speaking out or protesting!

i’m taking the time and the opportunity to say this because i know i have a large following on this site, so i want to say this now: we cannot allow this shit to happen anymore! reform the system! reform the nation! make a change!

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