Zodiac ★★★★½

Death in the night. Obsession through the eye of a bullet hole. Still Fincher's best, and undoubtedly the darkest path he's ever gone down even in a world where Gone Girl exists. If there was one thing that I always felt was permeating Zodiac, it was the sheer rabbit hole energy and depraved descent into a search for truth that goes on forever until it leaves an irreparable brokenness in the lives of everyone involved. That void of feeling incomplete when a killer is on the loose can eat away at someone until it completely devours them. And with the fact that in the end, it's all for nothing? The one time that there truly feels like a conclusion is reached, it's ripped away with the indignant nothingness of a pre-credits aside? It's truly the final merciless killing the movie has to offer. The Zodiac's greatest trick wasn't that he taunted his pursuers and practically dared them to find him, it was the fact that he got away with it. A tragedy.

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