• Orlando



    The Truths of Saying “I Really Must Be Going.” Past the thin curtains, there is a deeper crisis in the Elizabethan bloodline of the monarchy and everyone under it. Take any idea of western gender, any idea of western constraint, and rip the hierarch from within it. Who conjured our stereotypes other than the people who created them to be common?

  • Begotten



    Parables of something with numbers and names. Traversing a casket knowing that it carries the embodiment of the creation, the conception of humanity and all of its many great horrors. Eden was left long behind. The only place left to pray is the wasteland.

  • Dogtooth



    Crushing the Microwave (for dummies.)

    The unsafety of sleeping in your own bed is exemplified when the only thing you know and love is the greatest thing that can destroy your youth. Fondling your tires. Unhinging your windowsill. It is so easy to be cats when the dogs are caught busy raining.

  • When the Wind Blows

    When the Wind Blows


    Stronger marriages know stronger horrors. The distancing of each other. Approaching age until the world is approaching chaos. Children and bills will always come and go and return and simmer, but what of apocalypse? Commitment stops latching on parties. Everything will depend on the aurora outside the window.

  • Another Time, Another Place

    Another Time, Another Place


    Days of Airplane Angels. The greatest falling star over Scotland is that of feeling something that never had a locational origin. A feeling of being contented with someone on the either end, someone who feels just as much pain as you do. Maybe it should’ve been a different home, or a different forest, or a different era. It can’t be changed now.

  • August in the Water

    August in the Water


    Teenage soulmates, growing to know love on an asteroid hurdling towards a 30 degree sun. Being voltaic children in a time of our lives where the world is plummeting is a terrifying beauty. There might not be any generation beyond the current skinny gravestones, there might not be any soul remaining to transcend time and form the new dawn. For now, as a creature in the beautiful detour, there can only be adoration for the celestiality of descending from the Milky Way into Here Knows Where. Every drop of water is afraid before it hits the sea. But the Pacific is the strongest, warmest outer saint.

  • Blind Chance

    Blind Chance


    Off the rails and into some kind of subtle heaven. Everything in life boils down to some sort of Ocham's Decision, rather than a Razor. Left or right, up or down, dark or light, day or night. The least linear body is both the air of the world and the people who live in it. One wink branching into a completely into an unimaginably illustrious route.

  • Heroic Purgatory

    Heroic Purgatory


    Heaven is a place on Earth, based on a cloud continent. Despite the generation in wake and the collapse of sunshine over its falling skies, now is the time to let go of feeling of stone and transcend into phasmaphoric death-love. Drunk from the fountains of youth nova. Always look towards the great big rocket if ever you're lost in the white-on-white.

  • Guinea Pig: Devil's Experiment

    Guinea Pig: Devil's Experiment


    Non-dialectically awful and mean, dripping from its retinas with a proudness to be evil. For the sake of Andalusian dreams performing eye-trauma in the name of headiness and twisting surrealism into new grossisms, the devil's dirty night terrors of pupil-death are for the sake of alienating the consumer. The Guinea Pig Coda: Men are hate, life is agony, bodies have no purpose other than being punching bags.

  • Labyrinth of Dreams

    Labyrinth of Dreams


    A Day in the Life of Shadow People. Romance and gothic daymares put on a full collision to generate an inescapable descent. When the trains come and go, they have a doppler effect of evil and the beauty of loving darkness.

  • Supermarket Woman

    Supermarket Woman


    The Beginner’s Guide on Workplace Happiness. Consider the simplest of actions: Big-Prophet superstores full of faces that you incorrectly believe you’ll never see again. Down every aisle, there is a divine comedy of the errors that are called human lives. Love is all over, always and potently, despite the roadblocks of a purchasing estate.

  • Eggshells



    Here comes the drug high. By the next point of ethereality infecting the norms of recreation, there is no longer any semblance of yolk to taste and no more logistics to apply to the tongue-blazing. Hooper's Texan Gothic, as per usual, but dosed up in something beyond filth, grime, and sweat. Complete and total psychic orgasm.