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  • Rampage



    Despite introducing and doing away with characters without logic, this is a decent action movie elevated by the ever-likable Dwayne Johnson.

  • We're the Millers

    We're the Millers


    A by-the-numbers comedy that blends improvisation, scripted humour, and heartwarming moments.

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  • The Grand Budapest Hotel

    The Grand Budapest Hotel


    This has some great style, but not in an overbearing way. It lags in the middle somewhat, but this is supremely helped by the rich characters, despite only meeting some for a short while. Ralph Fiennes easily steals the show, in a film full of big names; he is perfectly refined as the politely domineering concierge.

    One of the better, if not the best, films in the Anderson filmography.

  • Interstellar



    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    A visually stunning creation which explores themes ranging thorugh time, love, desire, science vs spirituality, irrationality, and home. Although, sometimes the dialogue was too explicit - saying too much.

    It builds throughout to the black hole climax, then slows. It's too long, with various points in the last 20 minutes having made better endings But the Damon scenes are great, providing much needed conventional structure and an antagonist to the piece.

    When Chris Nolan sets the bar so high, it's…