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  • Samurai I: Musashi Miyamoto

    Samurai I: Musashi Miyamoto


    This film came out the same year as Seven Samurai and Mifune really seems to be at the peak of his career at this point and is so much more restrained as Musashi compared to Kikuchiyo.

  • Soul



    I don't know how Pixar can consistently make these beautiful pieces of art over twenty years after coming into existence and bringing wonderful stories to kids and parents all over.

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  • Chernobyl



    Some of the best performances I've seen in a long time. I never knew how bad Chernobyl really was. I just always thought it was just radiation got out and people had to evacuate and I never realized how many people sacrificed their lives to keep this from becoming a global catastrophe and I think this realization honors all those men and women perfectly. I recommend this miniseries to anybody and everybody! Some parts are very difficult to get through but in the end, this is probably the greatest release from this year, thus far.

  • Parasite



    Holy. Fucking. Shit. Talk about an emotional roller-coaster, my audience was amazing and enhanced the experience so much. There was laughter, there were shocks, there was happiness, sadness, anger, pity, horror, there were scenes where the intensity inside the theater was almost unbearable. The most mesmerizing film I've seen in a very long time. This is what I call "cinema", folks!! Truly incredible and I cannot stop thinking about how powerful each scene is and how there is not a…