The Godfather: Part II

The Godfather: Part II ★★★★★

A truly moving film. The lingering of the camera through these situations give this atmosphere to the film that makes it feel way more interesting to stare at. The sequences between Fredo and Michael are probably the most heartbreaking of the entire series. The scene where they hug at their mother's funeral genuinely moved me and the resentment that you could tell Michael still held without a single word being said, added so much depth to the scene. Also, if Al Pacino looked at me the way he looked at his wife, Kay while they were arguing towards the end of the film, I'd probably shit my pants and do whatever he says. The intensity of Pacino and his manic expressions adds so much to these simple scenes. Also, the Robert De Niro-Vito Corleone rise side story was a very intriguing plot line although I found rather sub-par when compared to the main story at play. But, they were still great sequences and I loved Robert De Niro in the role, and I especially fell in love with the first killing Vito does in the hotel because it was done so strategically. The relationships built and held or lost throughout these films is what make a Godfather film special, otherwise it would be just another mobster film. Finally, I think this movie is a masterpiece about the balance between work and family in extreme circumstances.

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