Krisha ½

This is the second time I tried to watch this movie. The first time, I gave up after 10 minutes. I probably shouldn't have come back to finish it, but the new Waves trailer pissed me off so much that I had to figure out why the fuck they keep letting this guy make movies. It Comes at Night was a joke of a film, so I had to assume Krisha was actually just that good. Nope. I just didn't care about this movie. I didn't care about the characters. The dialogue was bland. The acting felt alternatingly forced and directionless. The long takes were annoying. First year film students don't even change aspect ratios as much as this guy. And if I never see another slow dolly or zoom again, it'll be too soon. I was bored 10 minutes into it. I was bored 45 minutes into it. I was bored during the "climactic" ending. An 83-minute slow dolly of Shults jerking himself off and cutting to credits right before orgasm would have been just as effective.