Arachnophobia ★★★

I love this movie, I saw it on TV back in the day and had to have it for my collection. The opening is this completely different film from what follows even though it's setting up the story. It so strange, but it was all filmed on location in a remote part of Venezuela.

Jeff Daniels is fantastic, love him and I enjoy him being this put upon big city doctor. Who no one is the crazy small town believes or trusts. The original town doctor is a complete jerk by the way. Spiders lots of spiders. Something like 300 live spiders. A one big bird eating spider. And some animatronics.

A lot of trying to remember behind the scene facts here. Spielberg was in the truck, but our of view of the camera. Let's see John Goodman plays the exterminator and he is very funny. No spiders were harmed in the making of this film. All the smushed spiders were fakes and any dead bodies of spiders were ones that died of natural causes. Man I just really love this era of creature features, so much fun. Love that a whole town is taken over by spiders.

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