A Story of Floating Weeds

A Story of Floating Weeds ★★★½

This was a late Ozu silent I thorough enjoyed. Much do to the chemistry between the characters and the roles and changes they display. In a way the whole set-up and character is fairly similar to Dekigokoro [Passing Fancy] (1933) from the year before. So much I was almost thinking it was a sequel except the the son had been switched. Takeshi Sakamoto uses a lot from that movie and become a more polished person for this one, really getting his act together for the lead role here.

And there is no denying he and Chôko Iida has a special bond on the screen like in the movie from the previous year. Iida might not be a natural beauty, but that smile of hers will warm anyone up in a motherly way. And I'm pretty sure no one will deny that Sakamoto comes across as someone who needs a mother like girl to take care of him.

But to challenge that chemistry Ozu puts Rieko Yagumo in as Sakamoto's current lover to create a deceiving tension as Yagumo wants to ruin the relationship Sakamoto has with his part-time family. And that changes the whole situation to turn more serious and a swing in emotion transpires. Which is what makes this Ozu movie so strong.