Tenet ★★½

So far I don't have much of a relationship with Christopher Nolan's works. I've seen Dunkirk (2017) and liked it, but not much more. That leaves out some highly acclaimed pictures from the Batman universe, and more related to this movie, Inception (2010). So without knowing much of what makes a Nolan's movie great, I entered Tenet (2020) and the impressions I got was as followed:

#1. This felt like a two and a half hour montage movie. The lackluster monotone soundtrack dominated. And it felt like a one-toned atmosphere through the whole thing!

#2. While it was hard to hear everything they were saying over the soundtrack, the dialogue wasn't very good. Almost irrelevant, except for clues of what the hell was going on. But it was clear dialogue wasn't the priority in this one.

#3. The action was good, mildly innovative with the rewind/time-travel aspect. It was easily the best and most captivating aspect of Tenet.

#4. I'm glad they visited my home country of Norway, but as a whole Tenet felt like a Euro adventure. You know, the type of movie that takes place all over the continent, mostly visiting the usual tourist attractions, and often feels just as much a action movie as it is a infomercial for the local tourist office.

#5. Top notch actors, but their characters were bland. Part of the montage feel and also part of what turned me off on modern movies. The often lifeless introvert acting that movie makers seems to love so much these days. The type where no emotion is shown, and often mumbled dialogue barely being audible. I guess the consensus is movie goers don't like people showing personality these days.

#6. A film not to make you feel, but one to put you in a trance.