Knight of Cups ★★★★★

maybe i’m a gullible HACK, but... explicit narratives can be eye opening and important, but there’s so much room for (i guess) anti-narratives on the other end of the spectrum. for ambiguity, for space that allows human vanity - a surface on which to project. 

when christian bale asks teresa palmer what her name is, and she says (automatically, tritely) whatever you want it to be — that’s what malick gives us. “you pick.”

tp: you live in a little fantasy world don’t you?
cb: don’t you?
tp: yes, because it’s so much more fun
cb: enjoy yours?
tp: changes everyday, i can be whatever i want to be. don’t forget that, you can be whoever you want to be.

malick’s movies extend beyond capturing beauty & experience to actually bestowing experience on those watching. i leave his movies feeling hopeful. can you imagine! in general, feeling! they breed emotion & ignite dreams. i don’t watch this movie so much as i meditate on it.

“real life’s so hard to find.”

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