Lady Bird ★★★★★

someone take me home to sacramento

i'm in love with the abrupt shifts in mood: lady bird & her mom crying to an audiobook & a second later bickering, escalating to lb rolling out of the moving car. lady bird & her parents fighting, her implying that miguel only got into berkeley because of his race [cut to] lady bird in awe, walking through an expansive foyer, the high ceilings filled with the sweet sound of 'cry me a river'. lady bird being angry w/ danny moments before she comforts him as he cries. lady bird losing her virginity. her first college party, then waking up in a hospital. anytime her idealism or dreams are met w/ reality. it feels real. like the tepid bliss of being drunk, knowing the imminent future includes a drop in wellbeing.

this movie is a gemini.

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