Lady Bird ★★★★★

when this leaves theaters it will be like losing a limb

thinking about how messy this movie is because greta treats every character as someone worthy of a staring role in the movie of their own life. give me julie's movie!! it would destroy, my soul. 'lady bird' feels overwhelming because it refuses to categorize people, which can be too much for audiences to handle. when watching movies & when encountering people in their lives. it's hard to see lady bird angry and defensive, after her mom has taken time off of work & away from home to take lb on a college tour, over being asked to not turn on the radio & to also see lady bird genuinely happy and satisfied and grateful to receive socks for christmas. for lady bird's mom to yell at lb for using two towels but also to be genuinely happy to see lady bird having a good time with her friends on thanksgiving, even though this experience for lb comes at the expense of her family spending the holiday w/out her. it's hard to consider the multitudes of personalities & possibilities contained in each person, it's fucking terrifying. but here's to greta, fighting the good fight.

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