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This review may contain spoilers.

some of y’all have clearly never rolled around in agony on a divan with gout, had your “legs rubbed,” had a frighteningly shallow understanding of statecraft, NOR eaten cake til you got sick, had your current fave pass the puke urn to you, puked, then gone on eating cake, and it shows.

My favorite Lanthimos except maybe for Dogtooth, this one really had a Buñuel feel to it in the best possible way(s). Much talkier and imo more cinematic visually than his other films, paradoxically. Nods to Barry Lyndon throughout, as well as ... most of the Kubrick oeuvre. Scarily pertinent to the current political climate in U.S. Virtually flawless performances by all, including uncredited James Corden cameo, I am not making this up, who appears in one brief scene as a nude man getting pelted by tomatoes.

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