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This review may contain spoilers.

“it must’ve been one hell of a night we’re about to have.”

linklater did amazingly with this movie. i love jesse and celine’s relationship a lot, and exploring the cracks of their love made me enjoy the trilogy so much more. the romantic story i fell in love with as a viewer now felt a lot more realistic, and was definitely a great continuation of the couple’s life. 

greece being used in this movie felt so right, especially with the beautiful music in the background whilst showing the scenery. using europe again for jesse and celine’s long walks was a small detail i really appreciated. it continued the link between the three movies, and added to the whole aesthetic of their romance. truly beautiful. 

ethan hawke & julie delpy have such an intense connection, therefore i feel quite close to the trilogy. movies that represent the raw truth of our emotions mean the most to viewers, therefore being able to follow such a story was, in a way, rewarding. 

you’d be crazy to deny the fact that the before trilogy remains as one of the superior collections of movies still relevant today. each addition to the trilogy has a balance of what makes a film so wonderful, which is why i can barely fault them. how could you ever hate ethan hawke’s lost puppy face everytime he looks at julie delpy anyway? honestly, even that’s reason enough to love the before trilogy.

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